ASP.NET vNext Sounds Awesome

Microsoft made some anouncements about the next generation of ASP.NET today.

David Fowler published a post about the reasoning behind some of the changes. Scott Hanselman published a post with more details about the features that are coming our way. There’s a ton of stuff to be excited about here, but my favorite part is these two paragraphs from Scott’s post (emphasis his).

The project system is also changing – we’re integrating packages.config, NuGet specifications (nuspec), and project files (csprojs) into a unified view of your project dependencies expressed in a project.json file.

NuGet packages and class libraries are treated the same. You get full intellisense in the project.json file and NuGet packages come down automatically and transparently. Even better, let’s say NuGet package Foo.Bar has a bug but you’ve only got the NuGet package. You can make a folder called Foo.Bar in our local project and put the source via “git clone” in that folder. This is great for open source projects. That local version overrides the NuGet, allowing you to easily patch bugs locally in libraries while you wait for a new release. When a new fixed NuGet-distributed version shows up, update the version and delete the local source.

Introducing ASP.NET vNext – Scott Hanselman

Mind. Blown.

Mind Blown

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