Introducing Edge-Git

I’ve recently been frustrated by the lack of functional Node bindings for libgit2. The most prominent projects are node-gitteh and nodegit. Unfortunately both repositories are severely lacking in features and documentation. I couldn’t even install node-gitteh on Windows, and I spent an unsuccessful evening trying to get nodegit to do something as simple as fetching changes.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that no libgit2 bindings for Node are functional enough for my use.

I’d used LibGit2Sharp for a .NET project in the past. It’s an amazingly high-quality project. While the documentation is sparse, the copious unit tests make it easy to figure out how to accomplish different tasks.

I’d read about Edge.js, which lets you interop between .NET and Node, but hadn’t actually done anything with it. Since I had a seemingly perfect use case, I decided to dive in.

About a week later, I have a very basic initial release of edge-git. About all you can do at this point is init, clone, and query branches/commits, but I’m steadily adding more bindings to the existing LibGit2Sharp functionality.

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